In almost every place, there has got to be a person who is watching the Game of Thrones. This is yet another popular series that became a big hit. However, this is not just a typical type of series. Its genres are fantasy and drama and even older people are keeping watching on this series. The thing with series is that, when it is made so well, it is difficult to stop because viewers will end up wanting to get to know the story all throughout. That is exactly how Game of Thrones became so popular. The series can be watching on

What Made Game Of Thrones So Famous?

Other than the reason mentioned about, there are several reasons why the Game of Thrones is so popular. Well, the obvious reason is that people get so hooked on the story of it. Game of Thrones showcase various characters and it is difficult to depict who is the villain and who is the hero of the series. It will show certain events and clues can be found, but if one is not observant enough, the unexpected will come. Just like real life, characters die here—even the good ones. The good ones might turn out to be sinister and vice versa. That is why people love to follow the story so they can have their own guess of the outcome.

Be warned that the series will show graphic content. And by that, there is no censorship of anything, whatsoever (that is most probably the reason why the series is intended for young adults/adults). This is probably the only type of series that show sexual scenes without censor, have foul languages without censor, and everything without censor. Get involved with the story and see how each characterevolves through the duration of the series. The eighth season will premiere in 2019.

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